Carla Bruni “French Touch” in concert at the Opéra garnier on November 29th 2017




“Did you already think singing in English”? It was in Spring 2014 when Carla Bruni met legendary producer, composer, and musician David Foster after an L.A. performance. Singing in English? But Carla Bruni has already done that on her second album, No Promises (2005), putting in music some Dorothy Parker’s verses and other Anglo-Saxon poets with the romantic aura. For the songwriter, the interrogation was most on the legitimacy to write in Lou Reed’s language. David Foster, was also president of Verve –the french singer’s american label – insisted and proposed to record an album of covers. French Touch is a label used for the Parisian electronic music, but the term has broader meaning: it’s about a certain effortless elegance, a sexiness worn lightly, a je ne sais quoi. Bruni, of course, embodies this quality as much as anyone on earth. And on her new LP, even the most canonical American pop anthems—songs that otherwise feel as far away from France as, say, the Sunset Strip—have it, too. Of course, Foster’s artful arranging brought to the table “something bigger than my music usually has,” Bruni says. Richly melodic, warm yet minimal, and often slyly playful, the covers have all the universal appeal as the originals, albeit with a sultry flavor all their own—almost as though Bruni and Foster had written them themselves. Her new album remains faithful to the project. From the opening song, “Enjoy the Silence” (1990) from Depeche Mode; revisited as a folksong, to the cover from the Swedish quatuor Abba “The Winner Takes It All” (1980), each of these madeleines of Proust married the imprint of the musician. These freedoms led her to revisit the Rolling Stones classic “Miss you” (1978) in a Latin-Italian disco vein embellished with a flamenco guitar and oriental strings or to approach the success “Jimmy Jazz” (1979) ) of Clash as a march. The rest of the album, spans the gamut from rock classics (“Perfect Day” from Lou Reed) to old standards (“Moon River,” “Love Hurts,” “Crazy”), but all the tracks share a quality of, as Bruni aptly describes, “intimacy.” Carla Bruni will be back on the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo stage on November 29th, after her first representation in 2013. 


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Carla Bruni “French Touch” – Wednesday 29th November 2017

Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo 


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