Over time, the Hôtel de Paris wine cellars have come to house a real treasure: truly exceptional wines. 

Food and wine pairing in the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo wine cellarsThe Hôtel de Paris wine cellars are truly exceptional: not only are they the biggest hotel wine cellars in the world, storing over 400,000 bottles in nearly 1,500 m², but the remarkable wines they store really set them apart.


Four main categories are represented in the Hôtel de Paris wine cellars: Champagne, Provence, Burgundy and Bordeaux.


Today, these wine cellars store wines from all of France’s wine-making regions (98% of the wines stored here are French). The single most represented region is Bordeaux: 70% of the wine stored at the Hôtel de Paris are from Bordeaux.

Some examples of food and wine pairings

The most classic pairings include foie gras and Sauternes, or lamb and Bordeaux wine, especially Pauillac.


As a general rule, fish are paired with white wines and meat with red wines, but it is important to take sauces into account as these can affect pairings.


For example, a light and fruity red wine such as a young red Burgundy would be more appropriate than a white wine with the “Matelote of eel with red wine”.


The key is to offer something unique, that you can’t find anywhere else!